GHS 101: All About Safety Data Sheets and SDS Online Management Benefits

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are an essential components of Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labeling of chemicals, which aims to provide comprehensive information about a specific substance or mixture that is used in workplaces, especially in confined spaces. SDS has similar concept and function with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).SDS and MSDS serve as sources of information regarding the potential hazards of chemical or substances, such as environmental hazards, and advice on safety precautions. The information provided by Safety Data Sheets allow employers to develop active programs to protect workers, and consider environment protection measures. Safety Data Sheets provide essential information for other target audience in the GHS, and helps in identifying valuable elements that can be utilized, such as transporting dangerous goods, development of poison centers and emergency response teams, and professional use of pesticides. Check out  GHS Complaince at this link to get started.

A Safety Data Sheet must be produced for chemicals, substances and mixtures meeting the harmonized criteria for health and environmental hazards as specified by GHS, caused by carcinogenic ingredients, substances toxic to reproduction, and substances causing specific target organ toxicity exceeding the cut-off limits specified by mixture criteria. Safety Data Sheets use a specific format containing the following information: identification, hazard identification, composition or information of ingredients, first-aid measures, fire-fighting measures, accidental release measures, handling and storage, exposure controls or personal protection, physical and chemical properties, stability and reactivity, toxicological information, ecological information, disposal considerations, transport information, regulatory information and other information. The content of Air permitting SDS must provide a clear description of information used with specific details under a particular sub-heading.

The reasons why managing safety data sheets is electronically good for business save time, save money, efficient, sustainable and reduce risk. Investing in SDS online management has a positive net present value (NPV) and adds value to the business. A good SDS online management system has a large database of SDS making MSDS relatively fast and painless. A good system is mobile enabled, to provide real-time access to the most important chemical information. SDS online management system can reduce redundancies, provide accessibility to information and transparency is achieved across organizations. MSDS concept is based on leveraging efficiency through identification of network effects, that increases the value of service. Business risks come in many forms, but having a solid SDS online management system increases your compliance to OSHA Hazard communication Standard in order to protect the reputation of your business. Having a well-informed, highly trained and highly skilled employees, reducing the business risks for all the business management and stakeholders, allow employees to make wise decisions, and more importantly for their own safety and the environmental protection.